A Fresh Start

Mother:  Alexandria 
Grandmother: Annette
Children: daughter Alyssa (6), daughter Aniylah (3), son Christian (2), son Caleb (1)
Date Serviced: June 26, 2020
Size of home: 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, open floor plan
Design Requests: Fun, bright colors throughout. Mom loves teal, Grandma wants nothing but purple in her bedroom, red kitchen, pink and purple for girls, Spiderman for boys
Pounds of furniture diverted from landfill: 1,165

During the early morning hours of  May 19, 2020, a fire broke out at the Vincennes Food Mart in Gresham. The raging fire destroyed the adjacent apartment building, displacing thirty families. Twenty-five year old Alexandria, her mom, and Alexandria’s four children were one of the families who lost everything.  Alexandria’s sister offered a temporary place to stay while Catholic Charities worked to find them a new space.  The family received assistance from the Red Cross and local individuals who donated clothes, blankets and kitchen supplies. Still in need of beds, furniture, and toys, we met with the Jacksons, our 10th family, three days after they had moved into their new apartment, and furnished their space a week later. We spoke with Alexandria five months after we welcomed her home.

Q: How has life been different since we welcomed you home?
A:  Everyone is doing well.  We are able to stay in the house, disinfect, and take vitamins in order to stay healthy. 

Q: How are the kiddos?
A. Alyssa, who is the only one in school,  does e-learning at the dining table. I sit there with the younger ones and help them write their names. Every day, Alyssa and Aniylah wake up and want to put on their dress-up clothes. The baby wants to be with the three other kids. Now, he sleeps in the bunk room and comes into my bed when he wakes up. I have the bed to myself for the most part now.

Q: What’s your favorite room to spend time in and why?
A:  We love to hang out in the living room, watching movies and playing games. The boys love the little basketball and the bowling pin game.

Q: What goals are you and your family working on?
A:  We are trying to stay healthy during COVID and are hoping that things will be better next year.