Finding Peace and Happiness Again

Mother: Eboni
Child: Kelani (1)
Date Serviced: 9/11/2020
Size of Home: 1 bedroom, 1 bath
Design requests: Vintage glam with lots of gold accents, florals, inspirational quotes, toy area in living room, paper flowers & letter K by Kelani’s crib
Pounds of furniture diverted from landfill:1,026

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Everything went downhill quickly for Eboni, age 25, when she learned that she was pregnant. Her relationship with her boyfriend and her family deteriorated. She felt that “people’s true colors came out” as everyone turned on her because she did not want to get married and raise a child the traditional way. For two years, Eboni received assistance from Heartland Alliance, a Chicago based organization that serves marginalized individuals in the areas of health, safety, justice, and jobs. After delivering Kelani by c-section, Eboni was slow to recover from surgery and experienced postpartum depression. No family member offered to help. Eboni bounced from home to home of friends while working with Catholic Charities on permanent housing. We met with Eboni two days after she and Kelani moved into their apartment. At the time of our conversation, Eboni remarked that, finally, she was finding peace and happiness again.

Q: How has having a fully furnished home impacted you and Kelani?
A: Life is much easier, and it has saved her a lot of money.

Q: What was your first thought when you entered the home?
A: WOW! It was overwhelming at first, but then I started to take everything in. I loved all of the gold accents, the gold tree lamp, the blue dining room.

Q: Where do you spend most of your time?
A: We hang in the living room. I do my schoolwork at the desk. Kelani can now get out of her pink chair. She loves her washer and dryer and the learning book that makes noise.

Q: How’s school going and what are your goals?
A: I had to take a short break from school due to an eye infection. I just switched my major to communications, with a focus on multimedia. Eventually, I want to start a clothing line for kids, an online store. I also want to give back to families in need, but I want to do it in a creative way.