Meet Our Crew

Kim Hannay, Co-Founder

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Kim has been living in the city of Chicago for most of her adult life. Her journey started in the South Loop while earning her degree at Columbia College Chicago. Through her time in the city, she developed a passion for giving back to the community that has taught her so much. Being able to see the direct impact on every single family she serves is what makes it all worth it for Kim and keeps her passion flowing.

On the business side of things, Kim has always had the perfect balance of business and creativity and is highly skilled at simply getting the job done. Her passion for leadership and helping others has developed from this attitude. She can organize a storage unit to the most meticulous degree and is efficient at utilizing every donated item even if one involves a little extra TLC and elbow grease. That’s why she’s so excited to lead a team that is just as passionate about the mission of Digs with Dignity as she is. 

Jan Claibourne, Co-Founder

Jan retired to Chicago in 2016 with the intention of honing his woodworking skills, really it was to be closer to his daughter and her wife. With many skills from years in the construction industry, now he gets to do both!

The universe aligned perfectly when Beth, Kim and Jan became friends and quickly realized their shared passion to help those less fortunate. To him, it doesn’t get any better than repairing a slightly used piece of furniture (keeping it out of landfills) giving it a second life with a family who needs it most.