How It Works

At Digs, our charitable model is simple. We partner with local social agencies and utilize donated furnishings to design dignified homes for individuals and families exiting homelessness and in turn, keep thousands of pieces of furniture and household goods out of landfills.

Into the details? We…..

  • Collect gently used home furnishings from the community and store them in our warehouse.
  • Work with Chicago-based social workers to identify a family transitioning out of homelessness. 
  • Connect with the family, learn their story, and tell them ours. Learn what colors they like in home decor, what interests the kids have, and what makes a space feel like a home.
  • Design the space from top to bottom with the help of volunteers and our designer. Every shelf will have books and knick knacks, every bed will be made, every child will have toys that meet their individual interests, and every home will reflect a style that will inspire the family each day. In a week’s time, the team will have packed, sorted and prepped for our next family’s move-in day.
  • Identify which pieces from our warehouse will bring the design to life. Everything that we receive from donors is either used, fixed, or recycled. Our woodworker and all around “fix anything guy” repairs broken drawers, refurbishes stuff that needs a fresh coat of stain or paint and custom cuts the missing legs and handles.
  • Then, with the help of movers and volunteers, we load up a moving truck and get to work — welcoming our family into their newly furnished home in a matter of hours.

We have a dedicated team with extensive experience and a driving passion to help families at this critical time in their lives. We helped our first family on October 25, 2019, and in 2020, serviced 21 additional families. We are actively building out our network of partners and supporters and have goals to fill the homes and provide support for 40 families in 2021.

The missing piece in all of this, though, is you. We won’t be able to accomplish these goals and continue helping Chicagoans by ourselves. With lofty goals and huge ambition, we can’t wait to see what we can create with your support!